Our Team

As a localization and translation services provider, we are the sum of our people. 21GCTT is fortunate to have assembled an excellent team of dedicated professionals to drive our growth and our customers' success. People are our strength and focus. We serve our customers through the following capabilities.

China-based and international-background executive team

The seasoned executives on our team bring an average of over fifteen years of experience managing global delivery in onshore and offshore environments, including significant experience with the United States and Europe. They offer our customers a unique combination of best practices, lessons learned and local accountability.

Integrated multi-culture team

We staff our projects and localization centers with experienced global delivery professionals. We blend US-based nationals, US & Europe-experienced China nationals and China-based nationals with western style management to create seamless international teams with excellent communications and strong relationships across geographical locations. This community approach drives innovation and creates numerous opportunities for our team providing superior staff retention rates and world-class localization and translation services.

Recruiting and training

We recruit our employees from the top universities throughout China and abroad and provide extensive technical and best practice training. We place a heavy emphasis on developing project and process management skills to accompany linguistic and technical expertise. To facilitate our training in China, 21GCTT shares a captive training center with several top universities in China and we also provide varied training programs to whoever is interested in localization and translation by utilizing our senior-level professionals and industry experiences.


Global delivery requires communicating effectively across cultures, geographies and time zones. 21GCTT addresses communication challenges at multiple levels. Our teams are multicultural and include bilingual employees across several sites of our offices. Our China-based team includes members from 15 different countries. 21GCTT forms close partnerships with over 6 globalization and localization research institutions and agencies worldwide and, in addition to various domain knowledge and know-how trainings, team members are trained in soft skills and confidence building communication techniques. Equally important is our global focus on project management, processes and metrics. These tools provide a common foundation to communicate project tasks, status and issues that transcends differences in spoken languages.