“Excellent translation. For your information, I made some minor edits including changing “Big Orders” to “Key Accounts.” Although the client was queried regarding this term, he has yet to reply, so I went ahead and made the change. They reviewers may change it back or even use an alternate term.”

“Thanks for the update, Henry. We are very pleased with your and Connie's service and with the quality of the translations. The editors deliver natural English for the most part. The queries are to the point. Thanks again.”

---Project Manager of a leading international legal solutions company

“The files looked excellent. Please submit your invoice/word count within the next 24 hours if possible.”

---Sr. Project Manager of a leading software R&D company in China

“Thanks for the support to this project and client is happy with the work.”

---Senior Partner of a multinational law firm based in the USA

"Thank you Connie! Your team is always diligent!"

“Thank you Henry! To your team and you too! Your team’s help has been tremendous!”

--- Director of a large web design company

“We have received an additional document for this project and we would like your assistance with the translation. Our client was very happy with the translation of Job US81825, that said, we would like to continue to impress him, so please use the same team that you used for the previous job (if possible). “

----Account Manager of a leading legal outsourcing service company

“Special thanks to the native speaker editor(s) for "Introduction" and "Chief Editor's Note" in which I can see the editor(s) has/have made extra efforts in editing and rewriting. Appreciate it a lot!”

"The revised version of below slogan is good --- very concise and straight forward. "

---PR Manager of a holding enterprises group specializing in businesses related to oil and natural gas industries

“I did a quick look and the quality is very high”(“大致看了一下,质量很高。”)

---General Manager of a leading international IT application service provider

“I'm pretty satisfied with the result. In the future, we may have more articles like that.”

"Yes sure, and I understand it is quite context sensitive.  And thank you for being so professional. "

--- Marketing Manager of a leading provider of outsourced legal support services and the world's top intellectual property management specialist.

“Thanks for your excellent translation work in our first cooperation. Hope we have more chance to cooperate.”

--- Purchasing Manager of one of the top 3 process engineering companies in the world

We translated our website from English into five different languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German.  Henry and the team at 21gctt did a very professional job, on budget and on schedule.  We would not hesitate to use them again on a future translation project.

-– IPNav Corporate Communications Manager

We’re very, very pleased with your Chinese translation work thus far and would like to make you our priority vendor for all Asian languages. Additionally, we also would like to become one of your top clients as well, increasing the volume (whenever possible) of work being directed your way. Thank you.

--- Vendor Manager of a leading global language solutions company

I value your partnership thus far and look forward to our continued collaboration.

---Operations Manager of a multi-national IP corporation

I too would like to extend my best wishes to you and your staff on this holiday and join Bonnie in thanking you for the superior work you do for us. You make our jobs so much easier.

--- Sr. Project Manager of a legal service outsourcing firm

Would it be possible, and I understand that this would take time, for you to increase your team so we can send you more translation projects? We’re very happy with your quality and would like to defer more work your way.

--- Vendor Manager of an international communications company

“You are a pleasure to work with and the team here in St Paul truly appreciate your efforts, quality and service.”

---  Vendor Manager of a large multi-national pharmaceutical corporation

“As always, thus far, you are our primary and preferred vendor for not only Chinese but any other Asian languages.”

--- Vendor Manager of a leading provider of global information and document services