Software Localization

Juchi Medical Technology

Client Profile
Founded in 1999, Beijing Juchi Medical Technology Co is a professional medical technology company dedicated to the development, production and sale of rehab physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. The company provides systematic services from rehab center to rehab equipments, including provision, installation, maintenance and curing of equipments, and technical exchange as well as training for professional rehab workers.The company actively promotes the concept of healthy living, and strictly follows the guidelines of good faith, innovationand professional service to make contribution to the development of the industry of Chinese rehab medicine.

Project Summary
A general solution is prepared by our professional engineers after researching and analyzing the software-related information provided byJuchi. The requirements of the project are then clarified and more detailed information is collected via further communication. The project team successfully localizes the installation pack and delivers according to schedule.

The Challenge
•    The installation program is relatively cumbersome and complex;
•    Various UI contents are distributed in different folders;
•    The software contains some other languages (apart from English), which   increase the difficulty of extraction and technical processing of UI words;
•    No TM and/or glossary;
•    Various file types require using many different tools;
•    No source code is provided;
•    13 modules (25 in total) need translation, which sets higher requirements on the preciseness of the technical processing;
•    The program is available for different operation modes (i.e., standard, doctor, patient), which is challenging for localization and testing engineers.
•    Extract UI content stage by stage; and employ the cyclic mode of “extraction-translation-testing” to ensure complete translation;
•    Before translation, the technical team analyzes and pre-processes all files;
•    Standardized utilization of TRADOS for localization to guarantee translation consistency;
•    Build TM and glossary from our translators;
•    The technical team extracts audio files, translation team listens to and translates audio files and professional recording team performs REC work;
•    With the help of German translators, technical engineers double confirm the scope of localization to minimize the influence of un-localized German UI words;
•    The translation team works to improve quality by frequent discussion and communication.

•    All the files are translated into Chinese as scheduled;
•    Audio localization is completed with great quality;
•    Successfully pass the User Acceptance Testing (UAT);
•    New TM and glossary are created

Project Facts

Project Manager:
PM Assistant:
Translation Team:
Q&A Testing:


CAT Tool:

Other Applications:


Windows XP SP2


Trados 6.5
Trados 2009,
GCAT(Computer Aided Translation developed by 21 GCTT, compatible withTrados 2009)