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IPNav is the leader in full-service patent monetization, offering turnkey solutions to patent owners seeking to maximize the value of their IP assets. Since 2003, the IPNav team has negotiated over 600 licensing transactions on behalf of its clients and affiliated companies, producing over half a billion dollars in direct licensing revenue and cash settlements.IPNav’s headquarters is located in Dallas, TX with offices in Dublin, Paris, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv.

Project Overview
•    IPNav website localization (five target languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German);
•    Engineering, DTP, website deployment, QA, testing, and release;
•    Creation of primary TM;
•    Creation of glossary;
•    Subsequent website information update and maintenance.

Business Information
To expand the local markets, IPNav has been actively looking for an eligible localization supplier to help translate their website into simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French and German. 21GCTT can provide multi-language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Russian, English, Spanish, etc.) localization services of software, websites and technical products for global organizations. With our professional language skills, strong industry knowledge and absolute technical superiority, we won the project, which once again successfully showcases our abilities and quality in multi-language translation and localization. Our work on this project was highly praised by the client.

•    Patent monetization is a sub-industry where professional translators are in short supply. Precise terms and sentences are often misinterpreted by translators;
•    Absence of TM and glossary;
•    Our team lacks an overall knowledge of the Mura CMS (content management system) due to its rare application in China, which may affect the subsequent deployment and release of website content and images;
•    The webpage hard code writing and modification required support from the client’s U.S. website designer;
•    Internationalization (i18n) was not fully taken into consideration during website development, which made localization somewhat of a challenge. Related problems included the fact that code design did not support Chinese characters;
•    Under a tight schedule, it is not easy to completely integrate local language environments, culture, and history into the project.

•    21gctt linguists and SMEs (subject matter experts) made preliminary studies and analyses of IPNav website, and consulted with experts about the areas to be clarified;
•    Timely Mura CMS training for the in-house localization engineer team, and communication with the client for some relevant training materials;
•    Actively communicate with Mura for online training and technical support from their technicians;
•    Localization engineers modified the code to achieve an acceptable display of the relevant website language;
•    Standardized utilization of TRADOS for localization to guarantee translation consistency;
•    Creation of TM and glossary by the translators;
•    Frequent discussions and exchanges between SMEs and native editors help improve the translation quality;
•    The project manager conveyed relevant key information to the team members through training, and performed effective management of each step to ensure a smooth running.

•    DTP of all documents;
•    Image processing, and website deployment, timely and quality-focused testing and release;
•    Completion and official launch of the website in five languages on schedule;
•    The localized website is totally adapted to the browsing and user habits for China, Japan, Korea, Germany and France;
•   The completion and launch of the localized website in local markets has helped the client expand product markets, enlarge customer base, and increase profit margins;
•   Creation and maintenance of the TM and glossary to ensure consistency in the overall style and terminology;
•   Concurrent translation and update of the website in five languages with constant updates of the English website.

Client Comments

We translated our website from English into five different languages – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German.  Henry and the team at 21gctt did a very professional job, on budget and on schedule.  We would not hesitate to use them again on a future translation project.

– IPNav Corporate Communications Manager

Project Facts

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Windows XP P2
Trados 2009
BeyondCompare; Visual Studio