Automotive service manual translation

Higer Bus

Client Profile

HIGER BUS, with registered capital of RMB 250 million, is one of the few bus manufacturers that have obtained the license from governmental authorities with production capacity of 22,000 complete bus and chassis per year.Market-oriented, with the philosophy of “Focus on safety and service”, HIGER BUS has become a new star in the international bus industries.

Project Summary

Well localized product documents such as user manuals and service manuals are important for developing local markets. Higer realizes the importance of manual translation and wishes to have all its bus related user manuals, service manuals and part related documents well translated into target languages to meet the demands of users in target markets, including in Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Russia.

To meet Higer’s requirements, 21GCTT establishes a dedicated project team for Higer documentation translation, which consists of:
•    English translators and native speaker as editor;
•    Other language translators and native speakers as editors;
•    Technical support team including LE and IT support;
•    DTP engineers.

Business Situation

As Higer Bus expands its business in European, Middle East, Russian and South American markets, Higer needs a qualified localization and translation service provider with a cost-efficient solution to help translate the product related documents into English, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish. The vendor must be able to provide quality translation work, including basic DTP services within a pressing schedule at a competitive price.

21GCTT provides translation services of software and technology products for globally-oriented Chinese companies targeting English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, and other language markets. As the best choice for Higer, our team combined its linguistic, engineering and technical expertise to provide ideal localization and translation solutions to help achieve client goals.

•    Both Arabic translation & DTP are enormous challenges;
•    Large number of files to be completed within a very limited period of time.

•    Native speakers are provided to make our translations flow and read smoothly;
•    Through close and frequent communication with client contacts, we ensure the glossary for each language is consistent;
•    We guarantee progress by engaging additional resources;
•    We provide Arabic DTP training to all DTP engineers, which is given by an experienced DTP engineer who has abundant Arabic DTP experiences.

•    All the files are translated into target languages as scheduled;
•    Complete TMs are generated and delivered;
•    100% client satisfaction.

Project Facts

Project Manager:
Translation Team:
IT Support:


CAT Tool:
Testing Tools:
Other applications:


Windows XP P2

Trados 2009,
GCAT(Computer Aided Translation developed by 21 GCTT, compatible with Trados 2009)

MS Office, Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Indesign CS4