How do we train our people

Consultant training is based on three key components

●  ‘Core training in process, methodology, and company values

●  Internal training programs that emphasize on the job skills and experience

●  English training and accent reduction

●  Account-specific training on client technology and process


Employee Training and Development Programs

◆  Training includes soft skills, localization practices, technical capabilities, language skills and domain knowledge

● Soft skills: service consciousness and communication skills

● Localization practices: Trial projects, CAT tools, DTP tools, LE tools, Text Edit tools, etc.

● Technical capabilities: .Net, JAVA, PHP, Visual studio, SQL Server 2005, Vista, Java, C++, Sharepoint….

● Language: English, Japanese, Korean, etc.

● Industry domain knowledge: knowledge training focused on the client’s industry

● Localization & translation industry expert training - eg. Localization technology and management comprehensive training, DTP skills training, Localization Engineering training

◆  On line training: e-learning and others

◆  Continuous on-the-job training -- Internal training – weekly + monthly + quarterly + annually (training content varies with the different phases)

◆  We encourage and sponsor our employee’s extensive participating in industry conferences, forums, seminars, and workshops as well as staff knowledge transfer and sharing