Marketing Translation

21GCTT provides marketing and advertising translation services that include packaging and brochures, catalogues, advertising Scripts, company promotional material and PR texts (white papers and news letters and the like). We are experienced in providing marketing translations in over 30 languages, enabling our clients to realize their ambitions on an internationalized scale. Our clients have come to expect superior service, quick turnaround and the highest level of accuracy. Our advertising and marketing services include brochure translation, script translation and internal and external marketing translation, company promotion material and complete website localization.

At 21GCTT, we understand that the key to a successful marketing translation is to preserve the original message and sentiments for the eyes of a new foreign market while readjusting all culture-sensitive elements to the target locales. Our marketing translators combine their linguistic and copywriting skills to find the right style and voice for a translation, capturing the flair of the source text to have the same persuasive effect on the readers or audience. With over 10 years of marketing translation experiences, our professional team assures you that your corporate message won't get lost in translation.

At every step of our corporate processes, we combine our proven methodologies and best practices to always guarantee that the best results are delivered. Our marketing and advertising translators are carefully selected for their advanced marketing knowledge and language expertise. They have successfully worked with hundreds of corporate marketing departments, PR agencies, and governmental entities. We also provide continuous on-the-job trainings to them to always equip them with the latest marketing weapons and even drive them to be the business development and PR experts.

If you are ready to take your marketing and advertising communications to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us to get started.