Financial Translations

Since 2001, leading worldwide financial firms have been entrusting us with their financial documents for translation. Our translators’ subject knowledge and vast experience in the financial industry is the key to producing high-quality translated materials. Over the past years, we have successfully assisted our clients in expanding their sphere of influence into the Asian markets and overseas markets via the provision of financial translation services.

We are experienced in translating:
•      Announcements and Notices;
•      Commercial Documents;
•      Articles of Incorporation;
•      Financial Statements;
•      Listing Documents;
•      Banking and Security Reports;
•      Annual Reports and Accounts;
•      Due Diligence Reports;
•      Investment Policies;
•      Shareholder Communications.

Nowadays, at 21GCTT, we see that worldwide investment and international banks, retail, institutional and alternative investment fund companies and service providers, as well as audit companies and cross-border consultancies—all turn to us to meet stringent publication, compliance and filing requirements. With the strengths of our people, market expertise and global platform, we provide top quality financial translation services on a daily basis, and you can count on our accurate, specialized, and on-time translations for all financial documents.