Multimedia Localization

In the process of business globalization, the multimedia industry or any industry that involves multimedia application needs a variety of professionals in order to guarantee the satisfaction of international markets. Our state-of-the-art in-house studios and other facilities can cater for all media formats from podcasts to HD video and surround sound in any file format you choose. Our teams of expert directors and producers make sure all localized versions of your project look, sound and behave exactly like the original. We offer transcription and voice over services for a variety of video and interactive contents and have access to a global pool of voice talents.

At 21GCTT, we pride ourselves on a wealth of professionals who specialize in multimedia localization and translation:

- Localization Managers: As the points of contact for either publishers or any other types of service buyers, our localization project managers are ultimately responsible for obtaining all the original linguistic assets, and delivering the translated ones fully tested. They liaise with the localization coordinators to make sure that the language register is correctly pitched, as well as compliant with each platform’s branding and naming conventions. They also make sure that all language versions go smoothly and on target. In addition, they verify that the “bug reports” are being filled in accurately, and that relevant information is being shared among all testers, as well as checking that our localization engineers understand the corrections detailed in the report.

- Localization Engineers: Our localization engineers are responsible for extracting translatable strings out of the multimedia code, and inserting them back again once translated. They normally organize these strings into spreadsheets which translators will use to produce their localized version. Our engineers are also responsible for correcting the bugs reported by our linguistic testers.

- Translators: They are responsible for the bulk of the translation process during the project lifecycle. They work with various CAT tools, word processors, tables, and spreadsheets. Our translators are composed of both linguists and subject-matter-experts, who work flexibly together to guarantee that the best quality translations are delivered.

- Head linguistic Testers: They are in charge of overseeing the linguistic proofing, and overall quality of the languages being tested, as well as the implementation of bug reports that will in turn be passed on to our localization engineers who will then make the corrections in the multimedia  code.

- Linguistic Testers: Our linguistic testing engineers meticulously explore every text, option, dialogue, and menu of the multimedia application or product and verify that the language used is terminologically accurate, correctly written, and that the localized version is in line with the look and feel of the original multimedia.