Technical Writing

21GCTT offers professional technical writing staff providing high-quality content services with or without having technical writers on-site. We offer:

•    Constant communication with on-site staff through conference calls, e-mail, and Web Ex Meetings
•    Support structure of other writers and editors to ensure document quality
•  In-house DTP resources allowing quick formatting and file conversion capabilities, as well as fast error correction
•    Native English speakers and senior editors to edit projects as needed
•    Flexibility to work with software which is still under development

Team Structure

21GCTT provides a professional team developed to streamline the technical writing and content editorial process.

Senior Technical Writer/Editor:
•    Manages the project and provides a point of contact for the customer at all times
•    Coordinates between the customer and the 21GCTT team
•    Possesses detailed knowledge of the software application
•    Ensures consistency throughout the documentation process
•    Edits all project documents before submission

Technical Writers/editors:
•   Depending on the size, time-line, and requirements of the project, 21GCTT will provide skilled resources to write and edit the documents
•   Depending on the scope of the project the team will also take screenshots and add images, tables, and charts as needed.

DTP Team
•    The Desk Top Publishing team will provide the document template and format the documents
•    Polish the presentation of the document before each delivery to ensure professional quality appearance
•    Convert the files to the necessary format specified by the customer. (E.g. .PDF, .RTF, .HTML, etc.)