Escort Interpretation Services

Escort interpretation is where an interpreter accompanies a client to a function or on a formal and informal business trip. This service is most often used during a business trip, field research, exhibition or social event and is most often requested for individuals or small tours. If you’ve just travelled or moved to China and your Mandarin extends little beyond ‘ni hao’, then fear not! Our escort interpretation service could be just what you need to make your travel/life in China much easier! We have designed our Making Asia Easy solutions especially for total beginners, guiding you through many different situations you will face every day in China, including ordering in restaurants, bargaining, taking taxis and much more… Our effective quality control program and considerate business model can ensure you with qualified interpreters whenever you need, to facilitate you both culturally and linguistically.

Our main goal is your satisfaction. Our team of proven skilled escort interpreters will help you to communicate by accompanying you or your visiting individuals or delegations on trips that involve meetings and interviews, usually in an informal setting and without using any kind of equipment. With our professional and customized escort interpretation services, you will be confident and independent in any of these or similar situations.

We speak your language. In addition to Chinese, we can offer escort interpreting services in over18 languages. Our professional interpreters will work into and from both your foreign and local languages and generally act as cultural liaisons between the parts. This kind of non-specialist interpretation service is usually provided in consecutive or whispered modes depending on what the specific communicative situation requires.

If you need the services of an escort interpreter, please do not hesitate to contact us at