Chinese Class Programs

Being a China-based language services provider, our goal is to Make Chinese Easy for you! We have more than 50 in-house experienced Mandarin’s Survival Chinese teachers who will give you the vocabulary, and, more importantly, the confidence, to speak with the locals, allowing you to really make the most of your time studying Chinese in China. After just a few classes with us, you’ll be well equipped to deal with all sorts of everyday situations and make that important step towards integrating into Chinese society. If you have any particular interests or topics which you would like to cover first, then just let us know and we will arrange a program to suit your needs. What also need to mention is that we have especially developed a customized Making Chinese Easy program for business starters in China – we can help you hire employees, establish and promote your brand in China utilizing our China-oriented marketing strategies, conduct your internal Chinese class teaching regularly or irregularly, among many other services. If you are a company with many foreign employees, we can also offer our Chinese teaching classes for them and therefore make it easy for them to live in China and better work for you.

Our programs combine study methods of high effectiveness and tailored courses, which adopt well targeted and effective teaching methods to meet and exceed your expectations. Our professional teachers focus on your actual needs and study interests, and we can arrange a weekly or monthly timetable from 3 to 30 lessons at your convenience.