Technical Translation

Technical translation is the translation of technical writing (owner’s manuals, user guides, etc.), or more specifically, texts that contain a high amount of terminology, that is, words or phrases that are virtually used only within a specific profession, or describe that profession in great detail. Technical translation covers the translation of many kinds of specialized texts which requires a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology.

At 21GCTT, our commitment to technical excellence in the technical translation field has led us to acquire clients within a wide range of industries. Technical translation is challenging and need to be undertaken by a specialist in the given field. The ability to understand the source text and use accurate terminology in the target document is an essential component of a good translation. A poorly translated technical document will not only tarnish the image of your product and company, but also potentially lose you sales. It may even create legal repercussions. It is therefore vital for any technical text that the translator has good command of the technical field involved. Equally important are thorough quality assurance systems to ensure the translation is accurate, uses appropriate technical terminology, and those easily occurring “human errors” are eliminated. With the depth of our translator personnel, we will almost always be able to choose between several potential translators for a project, and are therefore able to select the translator with most expertise in that particular field.

We regularly work with household names and international corporations in the following fields:

•    Electronics
•    Automotive engineering
•    Manufacturing processes
•    Energy
•    Chemicals
•    Construction
•    Telecoms
•    IT

Documents of all types can be translated into one or more languages:

•    Product sheets
•    Brochures
•    Building specifications
•    Operating manuals
•    Tenders
•    Websites
•    Journal articles
•    Software manuals
•    Patents

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