Legal Translation

Legal translation services work is a specialized field, one requiring expertise and skills normally beyond “general purpose” translators. 21GCTT understands the importance of accurate legal documentation. Accurate translation of legal documents, the translation of international contracts and agreements, foreign law, court documentation and government regulations depend on comprehensive knowledge of the legal terminology.

Accurate terminology, knowledge of a country’s legal system and correct interpretation of linguistic nuances are the prerequisites of a quality legal translation. Our translators have either worked in law firms or have the appropriate translation qualification. Indeed, some of our translators worldwide combine work in private practice with translation projects. We use individual client glossaries of preferred legal terms to achieve consistency of vocabulary and linguistic style. This ensures that your legal documents are suitable for use anywhere in the world. Certified translations can be provided for use in court. As with all our translation work, systems are in place to ensure confidentiality. We work with international law firms worldwide, as well as the legal and purchasing departments of multinationals. Our specialist areas include:

•    Intellectual Property Law, including Licensing
•    Corporate Law
•    Contracts
•    Litigation
•    Correspondence
•    International Law
•    Family Law
•    Antitrust and Trade Regulations
•    Immigration Law
•    Consumer Protection
•    Employer & Employee Rights
•    Business Issues
•    Bankruptcy Matters
•    Medical Malpractice

All legal translations are proofread independently prior to delivery which guarantees quality. Transcripts are legally certified and notarized for court presentation.

21GCTT provides you with a suite of legal translation services that you can trust and rely on. With our Translations, litigation attorneys, patent attorneys, tax attorneys, government attorneys, immigration attorneys and general law attorneys enjoy the benefits of fast and accurate translations at the most competitive rates and fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Where a full translation of a legal document is not necessary or warranted, we are able to provide a selective or occasionally a summary translation. The former involves the identification and translation of the sections of the document of most interest to the client.

At 21GCTT, we have the experience to format legal translation documents in the appropriate format for internal use, court, or submission to international government organizations.

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