Tools and Checklist

21GCTT has access to all the CAT, DTP, audio & video edit, as well as text edit tools. 21GCTT also leverages its strong development capabilities to design and program special tools to satisfy specific client needs.

In addition, 21GCTT has developed an advanced project management and CAT integrated comprehensive platform – GCATTM system. It can also help our client streamline the localization process and manage its multilingual assets in a centralized repository. It is accessible by the translators, project managers, development managers, project team, and management team under user authentication mechanism. This system can be enhanced and tailored based on the client’s business-specific requirements.

In the past years of working with our existing clients, we have developed a check list for most of our localization and translation projects in different phases which can greatly guarantee that the quality is strictly controlled before we proceed to the next step(s):


This is not a static list, but it is a very dynamic one. We are always in the process of continually updating it based on specific project requirements and project progress. We also customize some other types of check lists in different validation phases so that they can be tailored to the actual project needs either at the client side or our delivery sides – we focus on combining them with or having them embedded into our client’s product lifecycle.