Project Management

We established the project management and methodology since we started operations. However, we continually refine it to satisfy our new requirements and projects. The process for Project Management is described in the Figure below.


21GCTT Generic Project Management Process

Our procedure is as follows:

1)    Identify the project manager
PMO identifies the skilled employee most suitable for managing all work necessary to accomplish the client’s project objectives as Project Manager (PM). We have PMP certified Project Managers, and the PM selected must have received Project Management Core training; this individual will adhere to the PM Guide for the duration of the project.

2)    Initiation
The PM, with the support of line management, defines the project objectives, identifies key stakeholders, and conducts preliminary efforts needed to establish and operate the project.

3)    Planning
The PM and project team members document a reasonable approach for performing and managing the project.

4)    Execution
The PM and project team members develop and implement a technical solution that integrates all appropriate engineering efforts to produce a successful product or service, effectively and efficiently.

5)    Control
The PM and project team members provide adequate visibility into actual project progress to allow effective management action when the project’s performance deviates significantly from the project’s plans. This function is performed simultaneously with the Execution function and may require a return to the Planning function.

6)    Closeout
The PM and project team members formally end the project or phase and bring it to an orderly end, provide the completed product or service to the users, and provide on-going support and training throughout the product’s life.